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Webosaurs Costume Armor Sneak Peek!

Hey dinos,

Today Mio released some pics of Webosaurs costumes on the forum. Some dinos have noticed something about them.


WeboWeen Decoration Sneak Peek! (Credit To Rahuu)


I might quit webo cuz of ordo (not 100% MAYBE i will)

the title sais it all

Art Contest Winners!

WASSUP Dinos? RandomLOL here. As you all know, every contest has winners!

Hey all! We’re finally done with voting for the Webosaurs Birthday Card entries and I must say that they were all incredibly well done. You guys obviously took a lot of time on them and we are very grateful. Our apologies to a couple of you who made awesome cards, but were either too late or sent to the wrong email address. Next time guys! 

Here are the winners of the Art Contest! 

1st Place – Iron_head 

2nd Place – Starly 

3rd Place – Afootball 

Good work guys! All winners are receiving 1000 coins and cheesy trophies, while Iron_head also wins a one month membership. Thank you all for your birthday wishes… you make Webosaurs Island the great place it is! 

-Rex Anyway, congrats to anyone who won and entered!

RandomLOL 🙂


Hey Dino people! My name is RandomLOL. I am a new blogger here on this blog, 🙂

Rock on Bartyfarty and gang!


Welcome to my Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my Webosaur Cheats Blog!

Here,you will find some Webosaur Cheats! I’m not saying its the best blog though.But anyway,have a good time on my Blog! ~Bartyfarty 😀

Hello world!

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